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Ever wonder why ?

a new car


a new job


a new relationship

Long Lasting

Although, these above instances seems to give us a high but very soon it fades away. Same holds true for negative instances in life. No matter what happens, in short span of time, we come back to same level of happiness.

So, can we say that our day to day happiness is fixed to a certain point?

If your answer is YES, then you seems to be right, because decades of research in positive psychology, popularly known as “Science of Happiness”. also tell us the same.

Even many companies are also running on the same treadmill to make their employees happy by arranging outdoor activities, offering incentives, and giving behavioral trainings which temporarily shifts their happiness upward but quickly come back to same level of happiness.

What if this set point goes upward and starts to sustain there? Seems too good to be true but all you need to do is redesign your blueprint. Hence, Happiitude – Your Happiness Blueprint.

We at Happiitude, have designed a systematic process that measures, enhance and sustain individual’s and organization’s happiness through the following:


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