Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event?

Our Workplace Happiness Bootcamp is a 3-days experiential bootcamp designed to help companies create a sustainable happier culture at their workplace. This bootcamp is one of the few to train leaders with tools and strategies to build a culture of “happiness” at work and not just more “fun” initiatives. Over the course of 3-days, you will learn actionable tools to build, measure, and sustain happiness in your workplace from Delivering Happiness.

How can a happier culture add to our bottom-line?

Employees are looking for happiness at their workplace and are approaching this in different ways. Once happiness is embedded into the workplace the organization will experience the following results:

  • More profits
  • Reduction in employee turnover (who wants to leave a happy place for little extra bucks)
  • Increase in productivity (when we are unhappy, we do not give 100% to anything)
  • Enhanced sales (who wants to talk to a stressed-out team member)
  • Happier customers

In fact, Gallup studies show a 22% increase in profitability, 21% increase in productivity, and 147% increase in earnings per share as effects of happier workplace culture.

Additionally, there is a 65% decrease in turnover, 28% reduction in theft, and 37% reduction in absenteeism and the American Psychological Association had cited a 38% reduction in stress with a more fulfilling culture.

These results indicate a need to embed happiness into our workplace cultures.

We are a startup, why should we attend this?

When someone starts a company, his or her personal values can become the organization's values unknowingly, later on resulting in the company culture definition. As more members join the team, conflict can occur as opposing values come together, which can make it difficult for the organization to scale efficiently. Setting the culture of a startup, a large organization, or a specific department is about getting everyone aligned with the BIG PICTURE. Utilizing tools from the bootcamp, you can create your culture objectives from the beginning and enjoy a culture journey with less friction from the start.

We are already a multi-billion-dollar organization; will this be beneficial for us?

If you are already a multi-billion dollar organization, you may already know the benefits of setting a culture of happiness and may have previously worked through some of the processes. This bootcamp will widen your horizon and give you a fresh perspective on not only how to create the culture you envision but also how to implement it daily.

Who should attend?

This bootcamp is for startups, small businesses, large companies, department heads, senior executives, coaches, consultants, and those ready to experience the positive ROI of a happier, more productive workplace culture.

I am a marketing head/department head of a large organization and we already have a culture plan established, what can I get out of this?

This happiness culture bootcamp is not just for building an entirely new culture but also to enrich the existing culture. In fact, how well does your company do at LIVING your current culture initiatives each day? As a department head, it is time to have a culture of growth and performance where people are motivated and engaged to go beyond the norm.

What are the takeaways?

Purpose & Values

  • Define your personal and organizational purpose and values. Plus, we will dive into how this alignment creates higher employee engagement.
  • Provide you with the tools necessary to implement this crucial strategy into your organization.

Progress, Control, & Connectedness

  • How the three levers of happiness work and the impact experienced on your productivity and profitability.
  • How to build specific culture initiatives that foster each of the three levers of happiness.

Your Culture Action Plan

  • High-level Culture Action Plans
  • Tools to build a sustainable culture to transform your organization
  • Grow your bottom line with happiness as a business model

Culture Inventory Initiatives

Roadmap to incorporate our culture inventory into your values and purpose. Dive into our systems and processes in this engaging, interactive bootcamp.

Who is “Delivering Happiness”?

Delivering Happiness is a company co-founded by Tony Hsieh and Jenn Lim to promote happiness culture to other companies. Tony built a company Zappos as an investor and CEO using Happiness Culture and took it from USD 0 to 2 billion in 7 years. In Nov 2009, Tony sold Zappos to Amazon for USD 1.2 billion and wrote the book Delivering Happiness. He then launched a bus tour across the US to promote the new book. Soon he started getting a lot of requests from other countries to come and talk about their culture. In the year 2010, Tony and Jenn, who was the Culture Chief head of Zappos, launched Delivering Happiness, the company, to take this profitable strategy to companies around the globe. Today, DH is one of the pioneers in their field and has worked with clients such as UAE Prime Minister's office, McDonald's, Facebook, T.OM.S, Audi, etc.

Who is Happiitude?

Happiitude is Asia’s #1 company enhancing happiness and well-being of individuals, companies and educational institutes. In the last 4 years, Happiitude has touched 45,000 lives through its scientific tools, games, workshops and coaching sessions. Today, Happiitude is working with companies like Raymond, Mahindra, HPCL, TCS, etc. In India, Happiitude has partnered with DH to bring their services and solutions to India market.

Can it be fit into our existing culture?

This bootcamp is aimed at equipping participants with the tools to build a strong culture of happiness. These tools are designed to fit into existing cultures as well to help teams build a new culture. Even those who are searching for tools to enhance employees engagement will get new ideas and solutions.

Do we need additional resources to implement happiness culture?

It will be completely a personal choice that you can take after the bootcamp. It is designed to fit into your current setup.

Is it for the whole organization or can it be implemented in one department?

It can be implemented even for a department or for the whole organization.

What is the ‘after bootcamp’ support that you will provide?

After the bootcamp, two webinars are planned where you can participate and connect with the coaches. These webinars are included in your package. You can also add-on the “Certified Happiness Coach” program if interested in diving deeper, which is an eight-week online program.

What are the add-on packages?

You can take an eight week online add-on package for an individual or your whole team. This includes live and interactive weekly sessions, daily activities, and access to unlimited content. You can send a mail at to inquire more about it.

How can I register?

You can register by clicking on the link on home page and an online Bank transfer into account mentioned.

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