We are excited to bring our Certified Happiness Coach Bootcamp to the UAE. This bootcamp is designed by Happiitude in collaboration with The Berkeley Well-Being Institute, California. This is one of the best bootcamps available globally and has been attended by thousands of participants from the U.S., Singapore, Latin America, India, the UAE, Vietnam and many other countries.






Why become a Certified Happiness Coach?

  • To help individuals & clients enhance their Happiness & Well-Being
  • Become a well-trained inspired and passionate Chief Happiness Officer
  • Create a structured and result-oriented Happiness Initiative which can be implemented in small and big groups alike
  • Design your own activity-based Happiness Workshop
  • Receive a detailed manual, research papers, List of Happiness videos and articles
  • An Enhanced Level of Personal Happiness
  • Become a part of a Global Chief Happiness Officer Network
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"Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can't deliver good service from unhappy employees."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos & Co-Founder, Delivering Happiness

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Certified Happiness Coach workshop journey covers the following 3 levels:

  • The Foundation of Personal Happiness
  • Applying the Framework of Happiness at the Workplace
  • Designing a successful Happiness Workshop

Your Coachsultants


Kyla Mitsunaga

Chief Happiness Inspirer (CHI)

Kyla is a Singaporean-Japanese from the United States who lives in Seoul and works across the globe. A Truly Global Citizen: Kyla has traveled to 46 different countries and called 5 countries “home.” Kyla is a Harvard graduate and a Global Happiness Coach/Women’s Empowerment Coach/Speaker/Award-Winning Professor/Founder of The Happiness Workshop. Kyla has worked with Chevron, GSK, Merck, and Samsung to name just a few of her corporate clients.


Pravin Chaturvedi

Chief Belief Officer (CBO)

Pravin holds a masters in Philosophy from Mumbai University and studied Business and Management at India’s premium management institute IIM Calcutta. With his unique skill of understanding philosophy, human behaviour and Business management, he found his true calling in Happiness as an inner dimension of growth. While on a 9-month spiritual travel to The Himalayas, the forest, and several monasteries, along with a deep study of literature from different gurus, Pravin experienced a new dimension of dealing with life. As a Happiness Consultant, Pravin has worked with 100’s of organisations and 25,000 individuals.


Karan Behl

Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

Karan is the Chief Happiness Officer and founder of Happiitude. During the last 6 years of his journey in the field of the Science of Happiness, he has worked with more than 20,000 people and hundreds of organizations to enhance their happiness set point from 20 countries. He has tremendous learning experience from spiritual masters to Science of Happiness’s leading researchers at the University of California. Karan is a specialist in merging together human values, emotions, and behavioral science with revenue, profitability and business growth. He has earned himself a deep amount of respect among the top happiness and thought leader communities around the globe.

2-Day Experiential Workshop

Setting the Foundation – Personal Level

  • Define Personal Happiness
  • The 4 P’s of Happiness
  • How to Prioritize Happiness
  • Introspection through the trail of beliefs, which define happiness today
  • Discover self-created hindrances to happiness at personal and work level
  • Strategies to get rid of emotional trash collected at work
  • Tools to enhance positive emotions and experiences by choice
  • Tools to deal with negative emotions and experiences in personal life and work life
  • Create Rituals for Happiness

Applying the Happiness Framework in the workplace

  • Define Happiness at Work
  • Workplace– a new perspective
  • Understanding Responsibilities of a successful Chief Happiness Officer
  • Case Studies - Science of Happiness initiatives across other companies
  • Create Department / Organization level Happiness Initiative Roadmap using 5 key Elements
  • Move from close circle zone to company level zone
  • Understanding key components of a successful Happiness Initiative
  • Create Rituals for spreading Happiness for bigger and unknown groups
  • Analyze the outcome using The Value to Action Model & The Happiness Framework model
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Certfied Happiness Coach course Includes:

  • 2 Days Experiential Workshop - Hotel Le Meridien
    (including Lunch & coffee)
  • 4 Weekly Interactive online sessions (3 hours each)*
  • 51-Days of engaging Happiness Activities (1 each day)
  • One-on-One Personalized Coaching Session
  • Access to our Online Learning Management system (LMS) with amazing Happiness Content, videos & research papers
  • Science of Happiness based Coaching Methodology using case studies
  • A Detailed instructor and participant manual with presentation Deck
  • International Certification from The Berkeley Well-Being Institute, California
  • Design your own Activity Based Happiness workshop
  • Learn to Create Happiness Initiatives at the Workplace
  • Guidance and support for the initial 3 programs and Coaching sessions

Course Fees: AED 4500

Early Bird Price: AED 3000
(Before 30th July)


Trusted by Top Companies

  • Delivering happiness has had a great impact directly and indirectly on virtually all aspects of our business, from how to interact with customers, our partners and each other. Focusing on our culture has increased sales without having sale goals, increase the bottom line and most importantly allowed us to better serve our mission. As we continue this process now working directly with DH, I am confident we can continue to improve. Perhaps even become an icon in our industry for how companies should treat customers, partners and employees.

    Scott Bintz, CEO @ Real Truck

  • It's been 10 months since working together. We've applied all the DH principles and shifted our business model to be based on your equation.
    Happy Employees  =  Happy Customers  =  Sustainable and Profitable company. You can't imagine the results.

    We were judged so much especially by our board about this "happiness stuff." But in 31 years of business, we've now had our record sales year in the history of our company .. so happiness works!

    Murat Ozcan, Vice President, CANPA

  • The DH Coachsultants have been an important part of our organization's work in building an employee first culture. Their expertise and experience make them uniquely qualified to provide guidance on all matters related to building a high performance culture focused on core values and a higher purpose. The DH Coachsultants are 100% committed to making each interaction meaningful, and they invest the time and effort to accomplish this. It's obvious that this is not a job, it's a calling. They are a part of our family, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

    EDDIE GINDI (Executive Vlce President) Century 21 Department Stores

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