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What is Certified Happiness Coach Bootcamp?

Certified Happiness Coach Bootcamp is a 2 Days experiential workshop to learn about framework and methodoliges Happiness that can be implemented at workplace. This program is aimed at sharing Happiness tools with participants that directly impact profitibaility of the organisazations.

This 2 Days Bootcamp is followed by 4 online sessions, were each participants gets the opportunity to implement Happiness Tools in real world scenario and come back for further case studies and brainstorming.

Do I need to attend all the online sessions? What if i miss any of the online session?

Although to have the best experience it is recommended but not mandatory. Many times due to emergency, other schedules or time zone gap, people find it difficult to attend all the 4 sessions. So in case you miss any of the session, you will be given an access to recording for that session. Many times, we also recreate some sessions if there are more people who miss it.

Who is this for?

This program is designed for anyone who is interested in becoming a part of Happiness & Well Being industry as a Trainer, Coach or Consultant. We also have many HR, L & D professionals, Training professionals, Coaches and business owners attend this to enhance happiness culture at their workplace for creating high performing teams.

I am interested in becoming Happiness Coach; do i need to attend any other workshop as well?

This course is a very detailed intervention which take you through some amazing experiences (with many Aha! moments) and finest work in the positive psychology field. Though constant learning is advices to keep us advanced with time, but as such you don't need to attend any other program for becoming a Happiness Coach.

After this course, Can I design, deliver my own workshop or Initiative on Happiness?

Yes, this course gives you in-depth learning using which you can create your own Happiness workshop or initiatives. You will also be introduced to Coaching methodlogies which can help you take one on one or group coaching sessions.

Are there assignments that are given to participants?

There are weekly assignments that are given to participants. However, This does not take more than an hour in a week to complete these assignments. Participants who are interested, we also send one daily activity which is to enhance their personal happiness. These activities are a collection of finest tools and techniques, which the participants can use in future for their clients.

When will I get my Certificate?

At the end of the 2 days course, you will be given participation certificate. Once you complete 4 weekly online sessions, you will receive your “Certified Happiness Coach” certificate from Happiitude and Berkeley Institute of Wellbeing, California.

Do you offer “pay in installments” options?

Yes, we offer pay in installments options. For more details, please call +971 504564046

What is Happiitude?

Happiitude is Asia's #1 company in the space of Happiness & well-being. We have largest collection of products and services around well-being. To know more about Happiitude, please visit

What are the future prospects?

After becoming the record-breaking course in Harvard University, Science of Happiness course at Greater Good Science Center at the University of California got 4.5 lacs participants.

In Asia, Bhutan was always the pioneer but after UAE government formed a ministry of Happiness, India also took the first step in this direction. Madhya Pradesh has become the first state to form Anand Vibhag (Happiness Department). Now Maharashtra, AP, and many other states are coming up with Happiness Departments.

After ISB, Hyderabad's online course on Science of Happiness, IIT Roorkee has also announced a center for Science of Happiness.

Happiitude is already working with many other companies across Asia to help them create Happiness Culture at their Workplace. We hosted Asia's biggest event Happiness @ Workplace Culture Bootcamp which Sold Out in advance. So the need for Happiness Coaches is huge and will rise manifold in future.

What are the different courses available with you?

We have different workshops for corporates like Workplace Happiness Culture, Discover Happy Values, Workplace Culture Canvas etc.

For personal happiness, we have 1-2 days workshop "Happiness Blueprint Program".

You can fill up the inquiry form and we will inform you regarding our next workshops. For more details, please visit

How can i connect with you for more possibilities?

You can write us at or call us at +91-8425958212.

How can we organize your workshop in our company?

Yes, we conduct the sessions for all kind of audiences. These sessions can be from 2 hours to 2 days and for an audience of 10 people to 200 people in one batch. Please fill up inquiry form with your requirements and we will connect with you. You can also SMS "INT" at +91-8425958212.

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