Let’s make schools happy again

Remember those old days?
The days we got tired of laughing.
Fight for a candy was enough for day,
Climbing trees, flying kites were the games,
Hide and seek was the favourite play.
Things were limited, joy was unlimited.
Facilities expanded, happiness suspended.
When the graph of life escalates,
Happiness from inside cascades.
In spite of chaos, there’s sill a ray,
Happy by choice is a way.
Living in joy can be learned,
We are the decisive element of our world.
Conscious happiness can be shared,
Science of Happiness is here.
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Board-Game Based Happiness Curriculum

Happiitude has turned decades of research on Happiness, emotions science into board game and activities based solutions for children that connect and train them in very powerful and unique way. Using all the tools and activities, it forms a great experiential learning experience which is way beyond the conceptual knowledge.

This ground-breaking curriculum instills social and emotional intelligence in students through innovative and exceptional board-game approach. With our cutting-edge and contemporary board games, students learn vital life skills easily and efficiently. Through this mechanism, students do not consciously realize the value that is being imparted to them and hence offer minimal resistance to it. Moreover, our conceptualized board games are so much fun and captivating; they keep students excited and motivated to play more, to learn more.

Why Happiness for Children?

When we were 5, we were so very excited about everything in life. Today, everything has gone up like our height, weight and intellect. So if we had followed the natural trend, by now we should have been ecstatic but are we? We all know the answer. There was a time when someone was needed to make us unhappy but today, we need some one to make us happy. Just a small shift but it says it all. If we look at millennial kids, they have more comforts and technological advancement than any of the previous generation but are they happier?

So obviously, next generation is going to be more comfortable and advanced than this generation but that will not guarantee their well-being and happiness. This is something to be taken care but unfortunately, we are still assuming it to be happen on its own as it happened in the 60-70’s generation when there were not much distractions, less choices, limited resources, clear authority at home and school.

Fortunately, We have now Science of Happiness to show us the way. Using decades of research on Happiness and well-being, Happiitude has designed various tool kits for children from the age group of 6 – 14 years.

Grade 1st to 4th
Grade 5th to 8th
Grade 9th to 12th
How it works
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Training teachers using our scieniically designed curriculum
Delivery of Programme Kits
Happiness Assessment
Implementaion of the programme
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What is Happiness Audit

Imagine your school as a really big battery and students as small batteries. If these small batteries are positively charged (read as happy) but school is negatively charged (read as unhappy), positively charged battery drains very quickly which negatively impact their performance. If it is other way round, smaller batteries easily get charged.

Once you are ready to begin your journey to enhance your School’s happiness set point, it is the time to discover the beginning point.

With the vision of building a healthy and happy community of children, we, at Happiitude have designed Happiness audits to assess school’s well being and provide valuable and personalized insights to bring about holistic development of students. These audits give you a clear indication about the current well being level of your students, teachers and overall organization. These audits and surveys also help you measure the effectiveness of your teaching methodologies and initiatives.

The results are summarized in a report that demonstrates data as below:
  • Overall Happiness of School
  • Class-wise Overall Happiness comparison with School
  • Grade-wise Happiness Chart
  • Happiest class in the school
  • Parameter wise comparison of each grade
  • Analysis on Room for improvement for every grade teacher
  • Analysis on how happy are students of this school
  • Analysis on how many students enjoy coming to school

This confidential survey will give you details about the inner health of your school and help you formulate policies so that you can take effective actions very well in advance.

Happiness is a Global Movement

We are witnessing a never seen before movement in Science of Happiness Industry with countries making policies to shift their focus from Gross Domestic product (GDP) to Gross National Happiness (GNH).

  • UAE has started a Happiness Ministry
  • M.P. Govt, India has started Happiness Department
  • Happiness Program is most enrolled program at Harvard University
  • Bhutan’s overall economy performance is based on Happiness and not on GDP

The day is not far when overall performance of education industry will be measured in terms of students well being rather than academic result. Where will we stand as a school? Where will India stand? Today, India is at 118th Rank on Global happiness Index which is far below than our neighboring countries like Pakistan (92), Bangladesh (110) or China (83).

So to take your first step by taking Happiness Survey before it becomes an absolute necessity.

Teacher Training Program

Whoever we are today, there is a definite influence of our teachers on us.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that the teacher plays a significant role in meeting the demands and needs of the future. But if teacher is lost in her own emotions, beliefs, ideologies, opinions, judgments and prejudices, how can we expect a great future?

The role of a teacher is to create a joyful, open and inquisitive environment in the classroom where students discover everything joyfully. For that, she/he has to be joyful and happy first. Isn’t it?

We understand how difficult it is for a school because they need to fulfill this responsibility using 19th century curriculum, 20th century teachers and 21st century students.

Curriculum is not completely in their control because of various boards involved, they are already doing so much for students and now is the time to work on the teachers.

We have formulated specialized programs for teachers to empower them become effective partners in contributing to the emotional and academic development of students. In our trainings, teachers get hands-on tools, activities and strategies to deal with day-to-day challenges of the classroom. They also get trained in connecting with students without letting their own bias impact their bond. This leads to more discipline, better academic performance and less behavioral issues in the classroom.

For School, the biggest advantage of this training is low attrition rate among teachers, more satisfaction among stakeholders and improvement in academic results of the school.

To host or enquire about a teacher training session, connect with us.
How a child feels matter more than anything else!

Science of Happiness Toolkit is specifically designed by Happiitude to train children to deal with their day-to-day negative emotions and enhancing their positive emotions in a playful way.

This tool kit consists of 3 different modules with one board game in each module, activity manuals, posters, worksheets, journals etc. that can be used to create 4 weeks to 15 weeks workshop for up to 6 children between the age group of 6 – 14 years in a batch.

The Kit is designed using 3 step approach:

Step 1:Identify

To identify feelings and emotions in various circumstances.

Step 2:Eliminate

To train them in dealing with their negative emotions like Anger, irritation and sadness.

Step 3:Enhance

How to enhance positive emotions at choice on day to day basis and thus sustaining new level of happiness.

Product Description: Science of Happiness tool kit consist of 3 board games with more than 200 daily life situations combined which most of the kids have to go through without getting equipped to deal with them. It also includes amazing tools and solutions that can be applied to overcome challenges. It also includes many fun cards, jigsaw puzzles, posters and worksheets. For optimized benefits, Board games in the tool kit are combined with happiness manual booklet that helps facilitator in conducting experiential activities before and after the game. To record and measure results, journals are also provided for each program.


Happiness Tool kit consist of 3 different type of modules with each module having 1 board game. Each module has 4 sections that are as below:

1. Establishing the Need: First part of the module is to establish the need through experiential activities. Real learning happens when there is a need.

2. Learn Tools & Strategies: Once the need is identified, next step is to learn tools and strategies using scientifically designed Board Game.

3. Real Life Application: Once tools and strategies are learnt, it is time for real time application. This is done through Journals, Role Plays and Worksheets.

4. Re-Learn: Once tools are applied in real life, we learn more with the experience. Children re-learn same tools with more real life application mindset.

Happiitude Un-Parenting

When it comes to raising kids and teenagers, everyone has an opinion. There are so many ideas out there!

Happiitude Parenting is a parenting program, but it doesn't tell you how to be a parent. It's more like a toolbox of ideas. You choose the strategies you need. You choose the way you want to use them. It's all about making Happiitude parenting work for you. It gives parents simple tips to help manage the big and small problems of family life.

Our Unparenting program helps you