Employee vs Workplace Happiness

Personal Happiness Index

Workplace Happiness Index

Consider your organization as a really big battery and employees as small batteries.

If these small batteries are positively charged (happy) but organization is negatively charged (unhappy), positively charged employees feel drained. If it is other way round, organization growth will be hit for sure.

Happy Employees + Happy Workplace results Exponential Growth

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Let’s Question Everything... We Know About Happiness

Happy Talks are informal talk sessions for all kind of audiences created to make people question their limited ideas, beliefs and philosophies.

The idea behind happy talks is that it's always better to look within to question our own limitations rather than settling for senseless conclusions about people and circumstances around us. But in day-to-day life, people get in to their comfort zones and accept their own created limitations as reality. We not only make people question beliefs, ideas and values which are not working but also those which are working because many of times, what we believe is working is actually not so.

So 2-hours fulfilling, interactive and thought provoking session on variety of topics are more like a wake up call which gives a clear understanding that how happiness at work is not just about salary, promotion or incentives.In fact, less than 8% happiness is dependent on that.

Our Speakers have inspired thousands of people on how to maximize the current individual and business potential using principles of happiness. It is a great opportunity for your team to discover that how happiness can bring a profound shift in the way we work, think and live?

Happy Talks can be your first step to enhance overall Happiness of your employees and organization.

It makes business sense as well because happy employees:

  • Perform better than unhappy employees
  • Not keep a tab on the watch to decide when to go home.
  • Work for lesser salary, take less leaves and stay longer with company
  • Reinforce business competitiveness and breed success
  • Go extra mile without expecting anything (well not much) in return

So take your first step in the direction of making your organization a happier workplace. To host a Happy Talks at your organization, connect with us. We are listening :)

Know Your Happiness Index

Whenever an individual or an organization chooses to start their journey to enhance their happiness set point, our happiness surveys, backed by scientific data and research, are the perfect tool to start.

These surveys give you a clear indication about the current well being level of your employees and organization. We also use our surveys to measure the real impact of our solutions on the happiness levels of your organization.

To get a happiness survey for your organization, fill up the form and we will connect with you.

Experiential Workshop to enhance Happiness Index

The best thing about happiness is, it is still undefined. Even though for generations, researchers and neuroscience have been studying and investigating about it. The first principle of happiness has remained untouched. And that’s why it gets even harder for individuals to conceptually understand them on their own and get results.

Believe it or not, there are more than 1000’s of book, 10000’s of research papers and about a million page available online to read on the subject. But what they lack is the "Human Experience".

Our workshop is designed in such a way that each participant experiences it in a completely personalized way. This activity-based workshop touches each person at the core and unsettle all their limiting beliefs about self, work or family and shifts their happiness point to the next level.

Workshop Methodology:
Workshop is to be:
  • Delivered in an informal, enthusiastic and interesting way that will involve all the participants.
  • Whilst being consistent with the plan, the workshop must be flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual participant group.
  • Highly practical, structured and organized.
  • Completely Focused on workability, so that it can be implemented RIGHT THERE.
  • Highly Authentic & Life Transforming
  • Fun, Intense, Thought Provoking
Workshop is NOT to be:
  • Motivational Talk / Inspirational Stories / Aggressive Delivery
  • Positive Thinking Stuff
  • No big Conceptual talks to impress audience

To organize a workshop for your team, you can fill up the form or connect with us at happiness@happiitude.com

We just don’t enhance happiness level; We Partner With you to sustain it as well!

Happiness is a place to stand, from where we begin. It is not a goal but a pre requisite because when we are unhappy, we cannot even enjoy our food. So performing at workplace is not more than an illusion. Still, there are few unhappy people seems to doing well but at the cost of their health, family and organization long-term growth.

We know it very well that enhancing happiness is just the beginning but we will get result only when it sustains. So grounded with results and sparkled with fun, our engagement programs are designed to sustain the happiness level of employees and workplace. We implement or help your team in implementing fun filled engagement activities so that new happiness level is sustained for longer periods and result into exponential growth.

We develop well-defined customized solutions based on “Happiness Blueprint Theme”. Our each intervention makes sure that the whole focus group participates and takes responsibility for happiness at work and not just the managers. And hence each employee drives it.

Regular initiatives, weekly activities, happiness wall, survey tools, interactive Visual aids, open suggestion and feedbacks sessions are some of the features that make our engagement programs efficient and effective.

“Return on Happiness” - the new business paradigm

Whether it is designing organization culture or to manage internal coherence; we are always passionate to work with you to create a happier workplace. We work with organizations to deliver tailor-made solutions to enhance happiness set point using scientific tools, based on your own needs.

Our happiness consulting services range from very simple tools to enhance day-to-day interactions to solving complex problems, behavioral shift and revamp complete culture. We do this we assist your learning & development team or if needed take complete charge of the same.

We use scientific tools like assessments, trainings, workshops, certification program and other consulting features that are used by many organizations worldwide to strengthen their happiness initiatives.

Whether you run a technology company, manufacturing unit, hotel, hospital or a police station, happiness at workplace is not an option but an absolute necessary.

We also have customized solutions for startup and SME’s. Because it is their first few employees and founder’s personality (beliefs, values and philosophies) that shapes the culture of the organization but as it starts to grow, moving to the next level becomes challenging.

To set up a FREE consulting session, fill up the form and our happiness expert will connect with you.

Make my workplace Happy
We are always eager to create happier workplaces. So take your first step.