Whenever an individual or a company chooses to start their journey to enhance their happiness quotient, our happiness surveys, backed by scientific data and research, are the perfect tool to start.

These surveys give you a clear indication about the current well being level of your employees and workplace. We also use our surveys to measure the real impact of our solutions on the happiness levels of your company.

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Workplace Happiness Survey

Our workplace happiness survey is an extensive survey that presents detailed analysis of organization workplace happiness. This is based on 40 parameters, which gives in-depth understanding of the overall organization challenges. This is different from an engagement survey because it covers overall employee experience and their personal happiness that are impacting their performance at the work.

Workplace Happiness Survey includes the following:

Overall Workplace Happiness Index

Sources of Workplace Happiness

Sinks of Workplace Happiness

Experience of Work

Functioning at work

Self Expression & Connectedness

Sense of Control & Growth

Dominating Emotions at Work


Employee Happiness Profiling

We also offer a detailed profiling report on individual happiness. Our extensive report gives an in-depth of individual's well-being and happiness. This specifically designed report is to be used as a coaching tool for certified happiness coaches. The various elements of the report give a deeper understanding on the causes of stress, anxiety, lack of fulfillment and other causes of unhappiness in one's life. This also helps individuals to create a sustainable happiness roadmap.

Happiness Performace Scorecard covers the following:

Personal Happiness Index

Sources of Happiness

Sinks of Happiness

Experience of Life

Functioning in the World

Fulfillment in Life

Openness to Life

Deeper Look


Profoundness of Happiness

Categories of Happiness

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