We help create happier experience for your employees

Happiitude help you enhance your workplace happiness through scientifically designed workshops. Our Happiness Blueprint workshops are series of workshops designed to meet specific objectives of the organizations. Some of the objectives listed below:

  • Creating Wow! Experiences
  • Leadership alignment,
  • Team collaboration,
  • HR & business Team strategic sessions,
  • Culture team Sessions
  • Values to Behaviors Sessions
  • Annual Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Workplace Culture Bootcamp
  • Special Happiness sessions for Sales Teams
  • Happiness Champions Workshops

Our interactive, experiential and highly effectives workshops are designed around the principles of Science of Happiness and equip participants with actionable toolkits.

   Duration: Half Day / One Day / Two Days


To equip employees with tools to sustain their Happiness in day-to-day work Life situations and create a supportive environment for others

To create an experience where employees can be relieved of their unnecessary baggage of negative emotions related to workplace

To make employees experience the power of gratitude, compassion and empathy at the workplace

Strategies to align personal values with company values

Making company values and higher purpose as a living reality in employees

Road map for designing Sustainable Happiness Initiatives at workplace

Who is it for : All employee, HR Teams, Leadership Teams, Sales Team


100% of participants feel that they got effective tools to build workplace happiness.

92% of participants agree that our workshop helped them overcome their personal emotional challenge.

88% of participants say that our workshop built "Authentic Relationships & Connectedness at Work".

Personal Happiness Blueprint

Happiness Blueprint is an extensive hands-on workshop designed for corporate employees to enhance their personal happiness and equipping them with tools to spread this happiness to others. This interactive, experiential and highly impactful workshop is formulated on the basis of research evidence.


I am beyond my identities (Individuality to Inclusion)

Four Zones of Happiness

What is NOT happiness (Individual Activity)

What does Happiness feel like (Individual Activity)

Hindrances to Self Expression (Pair Activity)

Major factor impacting relationships (Individual Activity)

Mindfulness in day-to-day life (Individual & Group Activity)

Movie called "My Life" (Individual & Pair Activity)

Release the Trash (Individual & Group Activity)

Experience Gratitude, Compassion & Empathy (Individual & Group Activity)

Discover Personal Values

Workplace Happiness Blueprint

This workshop is intended to help participants understand the framework and methodologies to initiate a happiness culture at your workplace. It assists employees to connect well with each other, be aware of their progress, possess more control, and to discover meaningfulness at work.


The framework of Workplace Happiness

Defining & Measuring Happiness at Work

Workplace— a new perspective

Understanding Responsibilities of a successful Happiness culture builder

Case Studies - Science of Happiness initiatives across other companies

Understanding Frameworks for a sustainable Happiness initiative

Aligning Personal Values & Higher Purpose

Aligning Individual values with company values

Mapping Values with Behaviors

Communication Strategy — Adoption & Engagement

Creating Rituals for sustaining Happiness initiatives

Design your own 10 Step Happiness Culture Canvas

Please note that all of our workshops are customized to match the client's need. In most of our workshop, we cover elements of personal and workplace happiness transformation.


Happiitude workshops are focused on EXPERIENCE. At Happiitude, we create transformational experiences that are beyond simple learning for people and equip them with tools to create similar experiences for self and others.

Our workshop content is designed on the basis of research evidence. It is aimed to be delivered in an experiential, practical and an interactive way to create the maximum level of everlasting impact. Additionally, it includes numerous informal but thought-provoking activities. Each participant gets a specially designed 'Happiness Manual" to work up throughout the workshop.

What you'll find Happiitude workshops to be:

Experiential and jam-packed with activities/games

Delivered in a casual, enthusiastic and an interesting manner

Draw in each participant's involvement

Full of actionable ideas and tools

A highly practical, structured and organized system

Completely feasible that the tasks can be implemented RIGHT THERE.

Assuredly authentic & life transforming

Fun, intense and thought-provoking

What you'll find Happiitude workshops NOT to be:

Motivational Talk | Inspirational Stories | Aggressive Delivery

Spiritual | Positive Thinking | Mind Power | Yoga & Meditation

Conceptual talk to impress the audience

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