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An effective and evidence based Happiness toolkit to help children take control of their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Curated by educationists and researchers from India and USA.

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Happiness Kit comes with set of 3 Board Games which are an Integral part of the program. These scientifically designed board games used as main learning tools to teach different strategies to children to manage their thoughts,emotions & feelings.


Each game represent a separate module. Every module includes Experiential activities before and after the board game to meet Learning goals. These activities are very well documented in facilitator manuals.


To enhance the teaching experience of facilitator and learning experience of students, there are many items included in the happiness kit. This also includes journals for each modules which help students imbibe the learning.


Once you order your kit, it will be delivered at your doorstep. After receiving the kit, our team set up an online Training session for you. Our Certified Happiness Coach train you to use this kit and run a successful and effective workshop. You just need to download a simple app and you are all set to meet your coach and attend the training. It’s so simple.

Happiness Center ToolKit

  • Be a Feelings Detective Module Kit (see details)
  • Escape the Red Dragon Module Kit (see details)
  • Celebrate You Module Kit (see details)
  • Affirmation Station (21 Sticks)
  • Anger Escape – Poster
  • My Affirmation – Poster
  • Self Esteem - Poster
  • Smiley Ball
  • Happiitude Coffee Mug
  • Happiitude T-Shirt

Happiness Center ToolKit - Modules

Step 1 – Identify:

To begin this journey called happiness, our first module is called “Be a Feelings Detective” – which is to identify feelings and emotions in various circumstances. Most of the time, we encourage children when they are feeling happy and excited about something but unknowingly train them to suppress their negative emotions. This continuous suppression of emotions becomes the main reason behind their unhappiness when they grow up. Most of the behavioral issues in children are often caused by suppression of negative emotions. This module is scientifically designed to equip children, by identifying and naming emotions and thereby dealing with them. This brings a lot of awareness among children, which is a major key to a happier life.

What is included:
  • Board Game
  • Facilitator Manual for Lower Grades
  • Facilitator Manual for Higher Grades
  • My Feelings Journals
  • 25 Feelings card
  • 15 Winner Cards
  • 4 Pawns
Step 2 – Eliminate:

Once a child learns to identify various emotions, the next step is to train them in dealing with negative emotions such as anger, irritation and sadness. This is covered in the next module, “Escape the Red Dragon”. This effective, evidence-based module is designed in a way wherein children come across many real-life situations, and get tools to deal with such situations, all while playing games. Children feel very refreshed and empowered once they learn tools to remove their emotional trash.

What is included:
  • Board Game
  • Facilitator Manual for Lower Grades
  • Facilitator Manual for Higher Grades
  • The Anger Escape Journal
  • 60 Anger Bubble Cards
  • 15 Anger Bubble Activity Cards
  • 15 Calm Down Zone Cards
  • 15 Burst the Anger Bubble Cards
  • 15 Calm Down Zone Cards
  • 15 Solve the Anger Bubble Cards
  • 6 Pawns
  • 2 Dice

Step 3 – Enhance:

Once children learn to deal with their emotional trash on a day-to-day basis without getting affected by it, it is time to recycle this trash into happiness. This is taught in our next module, “Celebrate You”. Children are trained to celebrate their uniqueness by accepting their strengths and weaknesses. This enhances their awareness, self esteem and acceptability of situations and people around them. This instills a feeling of positivity and happiness in their day-to-day life.

What is included:
  • Board Game
  • Facilitator Manual for Lower Grades
  • Facilitator Manual for Higher Grades
  • Feeling Good Journal
  • 15 pcs Puzzle – Blue
  • 15 Pcs Puzzle – Green
  • 15 Pcs Puzzle – Pink
  • 15 Pcs Puzzle – Yellow
  • 15 Physical Self Cards
  • 15 Social Self Cards
  • 15 Thinking Self Cards
  • 10 Sparkle Cards
  • 6 Pawns
  • 2 Dice

Happiitude Workshop Methodology

Establishing the Need

The first part of the module deals with establishing the need, through experiential activities. Real learning happens when there is a need.

Learn Tools & Strategies

Once tools and strategies are learned, it is time for real-time application. This is done through journals, roleplays and worksheets.

Real Life Application

Once tools and strategies are learned, it is time for real-time application.This is donethrough journals, role-plays and worksheets.


Once the tools are applied in real life, we learn more through experience. Children re-learn the same tools with more real-life application. This also serves as revision.

Use the Happiness Kit to set up an experiential Happiness Learning Center in your living room!

Trainings & Session support

Certification from Berkeley Institute of WellBeing, California

Support in student enrollment

No Royalty

Why Happiness Center Kit ?


Logical Sense

Other Children

As they grow up, tends to be more stressed, angry and irritated

Have less resiliency skill, no or low social connections, tend to give up easily and score less in exams

Develop a fear of failure, low self esteem and lack of confidence

Happier Children

More cheerful, optimistic and manage their negative emotions very well

Socially more connected, have more friends, do better in exams and life

Learn from failure and love to accept challenges

Business Sense

  • Low Investment
  • No Set Up Required
  • International Certification
  • Assistance in Student Enrollment
  • On-going trainings & support    
  • Next Level programs available
  • Regular Income Flow
  • Marketing & promotional material supported

Become a Certified Happiness Educator & Start your Happiness Center

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Customer Speaks
Very interesting Workshop. It’s a very innovative way of handling the emotional level of children.
- Shilpa, mother of 10 year old Tanuj

I was a skeptic & a firrm believer in IQ. Yet, when I saw the transformation in my child in just 4 weeks after the workshop & the follow up exercises, I became a firm believer. I wish every school would adopt this program for their students.
– Kunal, Father of 7 year old Dhriti
I am a firsthand witness of the transformative power of the Happiitude workshops and board games. My child has transformed & seems more collected, more secure & sure of himself. He is also emotionally mature & happy. Thank You, Happiitude.
– Sakshi, Mother of 9 year old Utakarsh
This is really nice, new perspective to handle the emotions and to make child emotionally healthy. Even I am of opinion that it should be for parents first.
- Akanksha, mother of 8 year old Lavanya

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